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I started WITAW in 2014 as a means to track my running experiences and share my love for all things stylish and delicious. Here, I’ll probably just ramble on about my life, but hopefully you will enjoy my curation of things that inspire me and hopefully it will inspire you too.

On winning the lottery…

Welp, after a rather anxiety filled morning full of refreshing my email over and over again I finally got in.

Screen shot 2015-04-29 at 7.04.37 AM

Screen shot 2015-04-29 at 7.04.29 AM

Now onto the next exciting, anxiety filled 165 days until the race.


witaw wants no. 1

I’m not sure what it is about this time of year, but it is my favorite time to shop, and with all of the new shiny fall clothes coming into store floors I find myself rethinking and planning out my fall wardrobe. I often find myself adding cozy and warm sweaters and knits to my closet this time of year, only to have to wait months as summer phases out and I can finally comfortably wear them. Here are a few things I have rounded up in my current wish list.


no.1: I recently received an email from LR featuring these babies, and instantly fell in love. The Loeffler Randall Rain Fenton Boots would be the perfect boot to transition into the wet, slushy beginning of a Chicago winter.

no. 2:  Summer always seems takes a toll on my skin, and on my face is where I notice it the most. Applying and reapplying sunscreen, being out in the sun and wind and having one too many margaritas on late night patios, my skin is getting out of balance. Lancome’s Advanced GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate  seems like the answer to my troubles this fall. It claims to smoothes skin, increasing radiance and chalk-full of anti-aging benefits. It easily claimed a spot on my wishlist.

no. 3: Square necklines seem so elegantly effortless to me. This Tibi Savanna Cami would be the perfect fall staple, allowing you to adjust with the ever-changing temps by tossing on a blazer or cardigan.

no. 4:  Running the Magnificent Mile Women’s Half this past weekend, Lauren Fleshman was there as a host to the event. Not only is she a pro-athlete, mom, writer, BA business lady, but she is an ambassador for Oiselle as well. Not knowing much about Osielle and doing some digging I have become officially obsessed with the brand. I literally want every item they sell, but instead of posting their whole inventory, I picked out a few of my favorites. The Oiselle Strappy Running Bra is gorgeous and unlike any other running bra I have, and it would make any run feel special if I were to wear this.

no. 5: Oiselle Roga Running Shorts with a yoga inspired waistband I know I will knock off at least 5 mins off my PR when I wear these, at least. Right? Telling myself this does justify my purchases.

no. 6: I love Karen Walker sunglasses, but yet to add a pair to my collection. These  Karen Walker Northern Lights Sunglasses seem like the perfect pair to start with.

no. 7: My clothes will be thanking this apron this fall as I bake everything and anything that has pumpkin in it. The pattern is so amazing, it makes me want the matching napkin set!

no. 8: The softest turtleneck would be perfect for those crisp fall evening walks. I had to add in one sweater. 🙂